Kingston Springs, Tennessee  August 22, 2016

   The Kingston Springs Fire Department will be adding a new vehicle to its fleet. For the past few months, the City of Brentwood and Chief Brian Goss have been discussing the possibility of donating a 2008 Dodge Charger to the Kingston Springs Fire Department. Chief Goss was approached by a member of the Kingston Springs Fire Department, who is also a full time employee with the City of Brentwood, in regards to the need of replacing the Assistant Chief's vehicle. 

   Assistant Chief Herschel Fisher has been driving a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria, which has ongoing maintenance issues, as well as body work needed. The cost to repair his vehicle, would be considerably more than the cars value. On 8/22/2016, the City of Brentwood Commissioners unanimously voted to donate the Dodge Charger to the Kingston Springs Fire Department, which was released the following day. 

   The donation was also published in the Brentwood Home Page newsletter, which can be viewed by clicking the link below.  

Brentwood Home Page Article