​   The Department takes great pride in the training opportunities provided to them, and are always adapting to the changes presented to the fire service. Each member must successfully complete a sixteen hour, sixty-four hour and "live" burn, to be eligible to enter an "IDLH" (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) environment. Until then, a member can participate in calls for service at a minimum level and at the discretion of the OIC (Officer In Charge). 

   In 2012, the Kingston Springs Fire Department ranked in the top 15 in the state of Tennessee for most training hours completed by its personnel. This includes hours completed by much larger agencies such as Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville Fire Departments.

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​Department Training 

   The Kingston Springs Fire Department undergoes hundreds of hours of training on an annual basis, covering all areas of the fire service. Members meet once a week and must maintain a level of attendance set by the training committee. Kevin Weller serves as the departments Training Officer and is head of the training committee. The committee consists of the Chief, Captains and Lieutenants, however some Firefighters assist in some training events.