Station 3
1000 Mount Pleasant Road

Station 2
195 E Kingston Springs Road

The Kingston Springs Fire Department operates out of three stations, strategically located within the city limits. Each station is overseen by a Captain and Sergeant, to ensure accountability and that members and equipment are prepared to serve the citizens of Kingston Springs. 

Station 1 houses Support Co. 333, Engine Co. 302, Truck Co. 341, Tanker 312 and a Polaris ATV. Station 1 also serves as the Department's administrative offices, including the Office of the Chief.

Station 2 houses Engine Co. 301, Support Co. 331 and Water Rescue Unit 1. The Department's Fire Safety trailer is also stored at this location. Many of the Department's training "props" are housed at this station, which include wall(s), roof(s) and ceiling, as well as a "burn pit". 

Station 3 houses Engine Co. 303, Support Co. 332 and Water Rescue Unit 2. The Department recently purchased three Kayaks, which are moved between stations on a "needs" basis. The kayaks allow members to access patients in the Harpeth River, which aren't easily accessible with larger watercraft.

Station 1
396 Spring Street

(615) 952-2555